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Finding a Great B and B

The Best Organic Restaurants And Why You Have To Visit Them

by Gilbert Lopez

Organic food restaurants offer a healthy alternative to many of the restaurants that serve processed foods, frozen foods, and foods that may contain unhealthy ingredients. If you are a little curious about trying these restaurants, they are located in some of the biggest cities in the country. Here are some examples of some of the best restaurants to try, and why you have to visit them. 

Organic Restaurants That Grow Their Own Produce In-House

These restaurants take organic to a whole new level. They have several plants hanging around areas in the restaurant where they grow their own organic produce. They can monitor growth and prevent pesticides and pests from getting at the food or getting into the food, even by accident. That is good news for their customers, because the customers can see the food that they will be consuming before they even eat it. It also gives you a sense of sitting in a garden and having a picnic, with all the fresh vegetables and fruits growing around you. 

Organic Restaurants That Certify That The Food They Buy From Organic Farmers Is Completely Organic

These restaurants take a slightly different approach. The owner actually takes several trips a year to find organic farms that produce both meat and produce in line with organic standards. Once verified and certified, the restaurant owner makes arrangements to have several shipments sent daily to the restaurant from these farms.

Everything served is only what is in season so that nothing on the menu is frozen or store-bought. Such restaurants form partnerships with organic growers and organic livestock farms, and the restaurants consistently get quality organic foods that can be prepared and served fresh daily based on what is seasonally available. Menus change four to six times a year based on what is in season to purchase. 

Organic "Ugly Foods" Restaurants

These establishments have joined up with the "ugly foods" movement, which takes foods that are not cosmetically attractive but are perfectly safe to eat and prepares them in dishes. There are tons of fruits and vegetables that are simply thrown in the trash every year because growers are worried that the misshapen appearance of these items will divert buyers from purchasing them. There is nothing else wrong with them, and when prepared in dishes in restaurants, you would never know they had been ugly foods. It significantly reduces the overall waste of perfectly edible and tasty food and provides growers with higher profit margins.