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Finding a Great B and B

Promote Less-Popular Sporting Events To Make Your Sports Bar More Popular

by Gilbert Lopez

A sports bar can draw huge crowds on weekends when top sports teams play in high-profile events. Even on weekdays during the NBA, NHL, or MLB season, the establishment can attract a decent crowd. The word "season" infers seasonal and not year-round. So there will be lulls when popular sports aren't playing every night of the week. Thanks to cable television and 24/7 sports channels, you can highlight television airings of games not as well known in the United States. If the bar's management comes up with a creative food/sporting event tie-in, maybe the bar can draw more people on slower evenings.

Support the Sport

The term "support the sport" or "support the team" usually refers to buying tickets or merchandise. As far as sports bar promotions go, a lesser-known sport requires promotional support to help bring people to the bar. Even when a sport is enjoyable and fun, people who never watched it before might not react to advertisements highlighting the playoffs. They don't have the emotional investment, yet. There are steps, however, that the sports bar can take:

  • Connect the Sport to Food: If the sport doesn't pull in a crowd, there's a chance the food will. Offering random food deals is okay, but making a connection between the food and the sport has benefits. You want customers to watch the competition and remember it. Doing so could increase the chances of the sport drawing crowds without any assistance. Rugby stands as a popular sport across the world. Australia represents one such country, and Australia presents some popular food options. Cutting prices on a steak-and-shrimp combo, an Australian favorite, when Australian pro rugby games play could be intriguing to customers. Those that become fans may show up to see the playoffs or championship games.
  • Connect the Sport to an Activity: No, running a pick-up basketball game in a bar won't be workable. Organizing an air hockey tournament during the Stanley Cup playoffs is. Expand on this idea with smaller sports. A darts tournament in conjunction with a British darts championship could prove popular. How about bringing in a ping pong table to keep customers active when international table tennis matches air on cable? See if less-mainstream sports have corresponding video games. Many, such as extreme sports, do.

Ultimately, you want people to enjoy their time at the sports bar. This way, they patronize your establishment over others. Being creative and promoting alternative sports could help the cause.