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Three Things To Love About Lemon Pepper Wings

by Gilbert Lopez

You might have your favorite flavor of chicken wings, but if you're truly into this popular pub or sports bar food, you'll enjoy trying out different varieties when you get the chance. One type of chicken wing flavor that you'll sometimes encounter on menus — depending on where you find yourself geographically and how seriously the restaurant takes its wings — is lemon pepper. The acidity and freshness of the lemon and the spiciness of the pepper make good bedfellows where chicken wings are concerned, and this can make lemon pepper wings worth ordering. Here are three things to love about lemon pepper wings.

They're Available In Both Dry And Wet Varieties

Most flavors of chicken wings come in either a wet sauce or a dry rub. Mild, medium, and hot varieties, for example, are virtually always saucy. Cajun flavor, meanwhile, typically consists of your wing being cooked in a dry rub. One thing that you'll likely love about the lemon pepper flavor is that it's often available in both dry and wet varieties. This means that if you have a preference about how your wings are served and you are interested in trying lemon pepper, you'll be able to get them how you like them best.

They Still Have Heat

A lot of people enjoy hot wings, and while they might be interested in trying different flavors, they may worry that these other options lack heat. For example, you might like the idea of a honey garlic sauce but also know that this type of wing doesn't pack much of a punch in the heat department. A nice thing about lemon pepper wings — regardless of whether they're dry or wet — is that their pepper provides plenty of heat. Additionally, the wet variety is typically tossed in a hot sauce for an extra level of heat.

They're Not Too Sweet

Many flavors of chicken wings are sweet, but there are people who can find the sweetness to be too much. For example, honey garlic wings are tasty, but the sweetness of the honey can be a bit overwhelming. Various flavors of barbecue sauce can also complement chicken wings well, but they can be very sweet — especially when you're eating a lot of them. You'll appreciate that lemon pepper wings don't really have a sweet flavor. Whether you aren't a fan of sweet sauces or you're trying to limit your intake of sugar, this flavor can be a good choice.

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