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Finding a Great B and B

DIY Pizza Party Ideas

by Gilbert Lopez

If you're looking for a fun way to both feed your party guests and keep them engaged throughout the celebration, consider hosting a DIY pizza party. Not only will partygoers be able to make their pies exactly as they like, the menu is sure to please guests of all ages. 

Another benefit of hosting a DIY pizza party is that you can completely customize it to reflect your party-planning budget. For instance, if you're trying to save money, you can make all of the dough from scratch and provide more basic ingredients, such as fresh vegetables. For those with a bit more cash to spend, pre-made dough and plenty of gourmet toppings are available.

Serving pizza DIY-style is appropriate for almost any type of special occasion or event, ranging from casual to fancy. Some examples include both kids' and adults' birthday parties, corporate and family holiday celebrations, bridal and baby showers, anniversary and graduation soirees, and housewarming gatherings. 

If you don't have much time to spend in the kitchen, you can order several plain cheese pizzas from your favorite eatery and then have guests make their own creations with homemade toppings. Setting the food up buffet-style will also party-goers to mix and mingle as they eat. 

Here are some additional DIY pizza party ideas:

1. Crust 

When planning the party, you can get creative with the pizza crusts. A pie's foundation can be anything from homemade or store-bought dough to focaccia bread. You can either provide the pre-formed crusts or allow guests to make their own individual-sized ones.

If young kids will be in attendance, halved English muffins make the perfect-size pizzas for small hands. Other easy options include hot dog and hamburger buns, and French bread slices. 

2. Sauce 

Give guests a few different sauce options from which to choose as they make their way down the table. Traditional tomato sauce is a must, and you can include a creamy white sauce as well. If you're in a hurry and can't make your own, jarred Alfredo sauce will work well. 

3. Toppings 

Place a wide variety of both conventional and creative pizza toppings in individual bowls on the buffet table. Must-haves include shredded mozzarella, diced tomatoes, onions, and green peppers, mushrooms, Italian sausage, and pepperoni. 

For more adventurous pizza-eaters, provide ingredients such as pineapple, sundried tomatoes, grilled eggplant, zucchini and asparagus, strawberries, clams, fried eggs, goat cheese, and figs, and encourage guests to experiment. 

For more ideas for customized pizza, contact a company like Scittino's Italian Market Place.