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Finding a Great B and B

Having A Country Wedding? Tips To Keep In Mind When Selecting Items To Serve Your Guests From A BBQ Catering Service

by Gilbert Lopez

Country-style weddings are currently very on trend. If you are pulling things together for your country wedding, you may be thinking about utilizing a BBQ catering service to feed your guests. However, while BBQ food fits in perfectly with a country-style event, you may be worried about ensuring that there is enough variety for all of your guests and work to keep the event classy, while still being country. Here are a few of the factors you may want to keep in mind when selecting items to serve your guests from a BBQ catering service. 

Select Different Types of Meat

Barbecue is actually a great idea for offering your guests a variety of different foods, ensuring you have something for everyone. As you piece your meal together, try to select different types of meat, such as beef brisket, BBQ chicken and pulled pork. Avoid offering similar types of meat, such as beef brisket and beef tri-tip, as you may exclude people who do not enjoy beef. There are plenty of meats to select from, so you should be able to pull together an offering that will please all of your guests. 

Avoid Messy Finger Foods

As you look to put together your meal with a BBQ catering service, it is important to keep in mind that barbecue food can be messy. Many of your guests will be arriving to your event in nice dresses and suits, so they may not be looking to get messy. Be mindful of this and try to avoid items such as ribs, drumstick chicken soaked in barbecue sauce, corn on the cob with butter and even watermelon slices, as they all can be messy to eat, which is not generally something you want at a wedding. 

Select Plenty of Filling Sides

Finally, be sure to select plenty of filling sides. Barbecue typically revolves heavily on the meats that are being served. However, meat can be pricey. Offering a variety of items such as salad, fruit, mashed potatoes, corn bread and other sides offer people who do not want to eat a lot of meat the option of eating something else, while allowing people to fill up on something other than meat, which may help to keep BBQ catering costs lower. 

If you are planning your country-style wedding, you may want to have a bbq catering service cater your wedding, but you may be considered about ensuring there is enough variety for your guests and ensuring the food is not too messy. Carefully planning your menu can help to ensure the menu is still classy, yet fits in perfectly with the theme of your wedding. Contact a catering service today to learn more about the dishes they serve and how they can help to ensure the food at your wedding is something that your guests will remember and brag about it.