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Finding a Great B and B

Different Levels Of Italian Dining

by Gilbert Lopez

When most people think about Italian dining, they think of a fancy restaurant with a well-dressed server bringing multiple courses to a tablecloth-covered table. However, you might be surprised to learn that there are different levels of Italian dining. Eating Italian food doesn't have to be done in a fancy environment. In fact, you can enjoy delicious Italian dishes at very laid-back locations.

Fast casual dining

Fast casual dining establishments are the least expensive option available. Fast casual Italian restaurants will typically be advertised as pizza shops. They will specialize in selling pizza and hot subs, but their menus will also include other common Italian dishes.

At most fast casual Italian dining restaurants, you will order your food at the counter rather than being waited on. You will typically pay for your food when you order it. When the food is ready, you will either be called up to the counter to get it yourself or a member of the staff will bring it to you at your table. One of the benefits of eating at an establishment like this is that there's no need to tip anyone. However, if you enjoy your meal, there's typically a tip box at the counter where you can leave gratuities.

Casual dining

A casual Italian dining restaurant will usually come in the form of a chain. However, they are sometimes locally owned instead. The food they sell will typically be less authentic than what you would be served at a fancier Italian establishment. They usually have a focus on popular Italian-American dishes.

Casual Italian restaurants will have waitstaff to serve you your food. It is common practice for them to serve you bread and salad prior to your main meal. You will also have the choice of choosing from many different appetizer options. After your meal, you will also be offered dessert options.

Fine dining

Italian fine dining is a completely different experience than the more casual options. Patrons of the restaurant will be dressed up in more formal clothing, and the decor in the restaurant will be much fancier. When you eat at a fine dining restaurant, the atmosphere is just as important as the food.

Italian fine dining restaurants serve authentic Italian food, typically prepared from scratch. At many locations, this will even include fresh pasta dishes. You will be given your food in different courses. Each course will build up to the next until your final course of dessert.

To learn more, contact an Italian restaurant near you.