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Finding a Great B and B

Essential Equipment For Opening A Sushi Restaurant

by Gilbert Lopez

One of the critical steps to complete when you're setting up a restaurant that will soon open is securing the equipment that your kitchen staff will need to work their magic. The right kitchen setup will be instrumental in producing high-quality food, regardless of the type of food in which you specialize. If you're setting up a sushi restaurant, there will be several critical pieces of equipment — including many that are made of restaurant-quality stainless steel — to buy. Here are some essential pieces of equipment for your sushi establishment.

Sushi Case

One of the most important pieces of stainless steel restaurant equipment to buy for your sushi restaurant is a sushi case. These cases are available in different sizes, but all share the common trait of being refrigerated and having a glass cover. A sushi case is critical because your kitchen staff will use it in a variety of ways. If you want different sushi dishes to be on display for people to see as they walk through your restaurant, for example, the sushi case is the perfect piece of equipment for this purpose. Your staff may also use a second sushi case to work behind, keeping ingredients that require refrigeration easily accessible in this case.

Prep Tables

Prep tables are important in virtually every restaurant kitchen, and this is certainly true of a restaurant that specializes in sushi. Your kitchen staff will be extremely busy throughout regular service hours, especially when you offer an all-you-can-eat buffet. Those who work in your kitchen require a proper place to make the sushi, as this is a job that is extremely hands-on. A stainless steel prep table positioned at the right height will give your kitchen employees the ability to quickly produce food for your guests.

Walk-In Refrigerator

Some kitchens use walk-in refrigerators because of the benefits that they provide — namely, the sheer amount of space inside of them compared to a conventional restaurant fridge. If you have a large sushi restaurant that will be open for lunch and dinner, you can expect that you'll go through food quickly. This means that you need to buy your food in large quantities and store it in an area that will keep it fresh and tasty. A stainless steel walk-in refrigerator unit will provide more than enough space to hold all of your sushi ingredients, and you can restock it with each food delivery that you get.

To learn more about the available equipment you may want, contact a local supplier like Hy-Point Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Inc.