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Finding a Great B and B

2 Tips For Making Cleanup After Your Upcoming Home Barbecue Event Easier

by Gilbert Lopez

If you're planning on hosting a barbecue at your house, you may be excited to have your friends and family over for the party. However, you may also be dreading the cleanup afterward, especially if you will be having more than a few guests over and are serving saucy finger foods such as ribs or burgers. To help with making your job a little easier after the party is over, use the following tips during the barbecue to help minimize the mess.

1.  Use Disposables Whenever Possible

When you're hosting a dinner party indoors, it's the perfect time to break out your best plates and cutlery to show off the designs and add a touch of class to the table. However, for an outdoor barbecue, you would not only risk having them break, but you would have a mountain of dishes waiting for you after everyone left.

To make your job handling dishes easier, use disposables whenever possible. This includes using paper or styrofoam plates, plastic flatware, and even throwaway serving bowls. Of course, you will also want to make sure that everyone has the ability to clean up after themselves when they are finished eating, so provide at least one trash can for each table, placing it within a few feet so that people can easily throw out their table settings.

2.  Place Tubs of Unscented Wipes on All of the Tables

If you're planning to feature anything saucy that will most likely be eaten with the hands at your barbecue, there will inevitably be sticky residue everywhere. Even if people use paper towels after eating their ribs or burgers, the sauce will remain on their hands, and as they touch the table, chairs, and even the toilet and sink in your house, you will find that you will have to wipe everything down.

To minimize the spreading of the saucy residue, place tubes of unscented wipes on all of the tables. Once they are finished eating, your guests can then wipe off most of the excess sauce and grease from their hands and be less likely to spread it everywhere.

While the above tips can help you with making cleanup easier after everyone has gone home, you may still be overwhelmed. Instead of trying to take on the cleanup yourself, consider hiring a barbecue event catering service to take on the monumental task for you, as well as discuss having them prepare and serve the food so that you can focus on simply having fun at your party.