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Finding a Great B and B

Tips For Eating At An Italian Restaurant

by Gilbert Lopez

Eating at an Italian restaurant can allow you to enjoy delicious foods that you may be unable to prepare in your home. When you are planning to visit an Italian restaurant, there are some steps that can help to make your meal a far more enjoyable experience.

Pair The Right Type Of Wine For The Meal

Wine can be an excellent complement to your meal, and this is especially true when eating Italian cuisine. However, many people that are not knowledgeable about wine may be hesitant to order it with their meal, as they may not be familiar with the pairings that will taste the best. Luckily, Italian restaurants will frequently include a recommended wine for the entrees, and this can help to guide your ordering process. Furthermore, you will be able to ask your server about the available wines that will pair the best with your particular order. For groups of two or more people, ordering a bottle of wine will often be more economical than ordering individual glasses.

Avoid Eating Too Much Antipasto

Most Italian restaurants will have fairly extensive antipasto offerings that include a range of tastes and textures. Unfortunately, it can be easy for individuals that are not familiar with Italian cuisine to order far too many of these appetizers, which can make it much harder for them to finish this meal. Furthermore, antipasto dishes are usually fairly dense, as they may include meats and cheeses. In addition to being mindful of the size of the antipasto dishes that you are ordering, it can also be beneficial to order one that includes ingredients that are different than what would be in your main dish.  

Take Care With Your Leftovers

Italian dishes will often have very large portion sizes, and while this can make these restaurants a good value, it can make it difficult for individuals to finish their meals. Luckily, Italian cuisine can make excellent leftovers. The combination of pasta, seasonings, and sauces can marinate over time so that the flavor becomes richer and more nuanced. In order to get the best results of this, you should avoid microwaving the leftovers and instead use a skillet or oven to reheat them. This can provide you with the best tasting leftovers while retaining much of the original textures. If you are concerned about the leftovers becoming dry during the reheating process, adding a few drops of water can help to refresh them. This is especially useful when reheating leftover noodles or other types of pasta.