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Finding a Great B and B

Visit Your Local Gastropub To Dig Into These Comfort Foods

by Gilbert Lopez

Comfort food can be desirable at various times in your life. Some people enjoy making hearty dietary choices when they're feeling down, while others favor this type of food simply because the weather is cold and gray. If you're in the mood for comfort food, you don't necessarily need to go to the fuss of preparing some dishes at home. Instead, think about visiting a local gastropub. Gastropub menus can cover a wide range of cuisines, but you'll commonly find that at least a few comfort food dishes are present for patrons to enjoy. Here are some comfort foods that your local gastropub may feature on its menu.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

While many restaurants have grilled cheese sandwiches on their children's menus, you'll often find grilled cheese sandwiches on the main menu at a gastropub. Typically, this won't be a conventional sandwich with American cheese and white bread. Instead, the kitchen staff may use sourdough bread from a local bakery and one or more types of cheese — smoked gouda or havarti, for example. Paired with a bowl of soup, this comfort food dish can be exactly what you need.

Macaroni And Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is another comfort food that you may crave on a cold and rainy day — perhaps because you have childhood memories of your mother preparing homemade mac and cheese on cool days. This pasta dish is often present on gastropub menus, and like the grilled cheese sandwich, it's not going to be a conventional type of dish. Instead, you might find mac and cheese made with a variety of cheeses — ricotta, Swiss, and or gruyere, for example. It's often cooked in individual pots and cooked under the broiler to give the top a gooey and satisfying consistency.


Some people love the idea of digging into a bowl of chili when they're in need of some comfort food, and you shouldn't be surprised to find this dish on the menu of your local gastropub. There are many different ways to prepare chili, but this combination of meat, tomato, spices, and beans — often topped with cheese and served with corn chips — can be a hearty meal choice that fills you up when you're looking for something hearty. You may even find different chili dishes with varying degrees of spice, so you can make your order based on whether you favor a spicy meal or something not as powerful.