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Finding a Great B and B

Ways To Make Your Restaurant's Happy Hour More Popular

by Gilbert Lopez

If you own or manage a restaurant, hosting a happy hour is a great way to draw people in. But with many other restaurants in the area also hosting happy hours, how do you make sure yours stands out from the crowd? Here are a few ideas!

Offer Custom Drinks

Most restaurants and bars offer drink specials during happy hour, but you can go a step beyond and offer specialty, custom drinks that are only available during your happy hour. Have your best bartenders create something fun — something they can serve for $3 or $4 and that has a fun name. For example, they could make a watermelon whiskey sour that they call the Puckering Melon. 

Serve Free Nibbles At the Bar

Ultimately, you want most guests to order drinks and appetizers. But if you offer just a few nibbles for free at the bar, you will draw people in the door. Everyone loves the prospect of getting something for free! This free nibble does not have to be complicated. Baskets of seasoned fries, tater tots, or even house-made chips can be crowd-pleasers.

Have Local Bands Play

Live music can really draw a crowd! While you may not be able to afford to book the area's top bands for your happy hour, booking a few up-and-coming or younger bands is a great move. The bands can get some exposure and build their resume, and your customers will love being able to listen to live music as they dine.

Host a Contest or Game

Another way to make your happy hour stand out is to host some sort of contest or game. You could host a trivia session, asking your patrons to compete to answer questions as a team. You could also host a darts tournament, or you could do something less formal, like leave some board games out for people to play at their own discretion.

Vary the Menu

People will want to know that they can expect to arrive and find good deals during happy hour, but they will also want to know there will be variety. Offer the same burger and chicken sandwich each week, and guests will soon tire of it. Instead, you should aim to offer at least one new and different happy hour special each week. People will keep coming in just to try it.

With the ideas above, you can make your happy hour the talk of the town. 

Be inspired by visiting creative restaurants during their happy hour, such as at The 5 Point Cafe