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Finding a Great B and B

Winter Cocktails To Enjoy On A Chilly Day

by Gilbert Lopez

When many people think about getting together with a few friends to enjoy some cocktails, they picture a scenario in which they're seated on a patio of a local establishment on a sunny day while they sip away and enjoy some laughs. There's little question that the summer can be a good time of the year to go out for cocktails, but you don't need to wait until the weather is warm to enjoy this sort of get-together with friends. If the weather is cold and you're looking for a reason to get together, find a local establishment that is known for its extensive cocktails menu. Here are some cocktails that can especially be appealing during the winter months.

White Russian

Although people can drink white Russians throughout the year, this is often a popular choice as a winter cocktail because it's heavy instead of light. For those who want a heavier drink when the weather is cold, this combination of coffee liqueur, vodka, and cream can be ideal. Some establishments add chocolate to this drink — sometimes, in the form of chocolate shavings on top. Whether you're looking for an after-dinner drink or a cocktail that you can simply sip on its own, this may be an option to consider. While the white Russian is traditionally served cold, you'll occasionally find establishments that offer it hot — a variation that may especially be enticing on cold days.

Hot Toddy

Some people may view the hot toddy as a traditional beverage to make at home when you're feeling sick, but many establishments include this winter cocktail on their menus. Generally, a hot toddy is made with whiskey, and will also include ingredients such as lemon juice and honey. You don't need to be dealing with the symptoms of a cold to enjoy this beverage, which will be a satisfying choice because of how it warms your body as you sip it.

Hot Buttered Rum

Another hot cocktail that can be a good choice when it's cold outside is hot buttered rum. As its name suggests, this is a cocktail that contains rum — often spiced rum — and butter. Although different establishments may prepare it in different ways, you'll often find that warming spices such as cloves and nutmeg are a part of this cocktail. The inclusion of sugar helps to give this cocktail a sweet flavor that you may enjoy. Visit a local establishment on a chilly day to sip one of these winter cocktails.