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Finding a Great B and B

Buying A Stainless Steel Salamander? Here Are Some Things To Think About

by Gilbert Lopez

The average person likely thinks of an amphibian with a long tail when they hear the word "salamander," but anyone in the restaurant business knows that this term also describes an essential item in a commercial kitchen. In the latter context, a salamander is a piece of stainless steel equipment that produces very hot temperatures — ideal for melting cheese, browning food, and finishing items that are partially cooked. If you're planning to add this piece of equipment to your commercial kitchen, a restaurant supply store will likely have a few models from which to choose. Look for these things when you shop for a salamander.

Multiple Rack Positions

When you place any type of food on the rack of a salamander, you want it to be at the perfect distance from the heating element above it. If it's too close, the food may get too hot. If the distance is too far, achieving the desired doneness will take longer than necessary. It's best to buy a salamander that allows you to position the rack in as many different positions as possible. This way, you can lower the rack for certain items, raise it all the way up for others, and keep it closer to the middle for other things.

Adequate Width

Kitchen salamanders are available in several different widths. While you'll need to assess your space to ensure that you buy a product that will fit, going with a wider salamander is generally going to be your best bet. The more width that you have, the more items that you'll be able to place in the salamander at any given time. For example, if a party of three guests orders a serving of macaroni and cheese each and you need to finish these dishes in the salamander, a wider device may allow you to load all of the dishes in at the same time — resulting in everything being ready to serve at once.

Fuel Source

You'll generally find salamanders that you fuel either through propane or natural gas. You'll need to consider how you power your commercial kitchen so that you buy the right salamander. The last thing that you want is to get so focused on the particular features of one product over another that you fail to consider the fuel source. Confirm the fuel source with the salesperson who is helping you before you make your decision about which salamander to get. To learn more information about stainless steel restaurant equipment, reach out to a company such as Hy-Point Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Inc.