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Finding a Great B and B

Cook Your Own Food At These Three Restaurants

by Gilbert Lopez

At most restaurants, you place your order, wait for the kitchen staff to prepare your food, and then eat it when your server brings it to you. There are many other establishments, however, in which the process is drastically different. A lot of restaurants allow you to cook your own food. The kitchen staff will prepare all of the ingredients that you need, but you'll actually do the cooking yourself. This type of restaurant can be fun to visit with a group of friends, and slowly making bite-sized things to eat while enjoying making conversation can create a memorable experience. If this idea appeals to you, here are three restaurants at which you can cook your own food.

Fondue Restaurant

While many people enjoy having fondue parties in their homes, you'll often find fondue restaurants that you can visit. As you peruse the menu, you'll get to decide what type of broth you want for cooking a wide selection of meats and veggies. You also have the option of having a cheese fondue with bread, which many people enjoy as an appetizer, as well as a chocolate fondue with fruit for dessert. The fondue pots are large enough to accommodate several people who wish to cook their food at the same time.

Korean Barbecue Restaurant

A lot of Korean barbecue restaurants give you the opportunity to cook your own food. Unlike a fondue restaurant, in which the cooking equipment sits on top of the table, the grill at a Korean barbecue eatery is typically built right into the table. If you love grilling and are always looking for unique ways to cook your food, you'll have fun with the process of carefully placing thin strips of meat and veggies onto the grill and turning them periodically before you transfer them to your plate, combine them with one of the many available sauces, and enjoy.

Hot Pot Restaurant

Another option for you to try is a hot pot restaurant. There are some similarities between these restaurants and those that feature fondue, although the former focuses on Asian cuisine while the latter does not. You'll get to cook a variety of ingredients in a broth that often has Asian flavor notes, which can create a unique experience for anyone who enjoys trying cuisine from different parts of the world. Many hot pot restaurants use a unique divided pot that holds two flavors of broth at the same time, which can help to ensure that everyone in your group can cook in a broth that they like.

If you're not in the mood for cooking, check out a different local restaurant like Cafe Italiano Restaurant & Pizzeria.